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Z Baltic Clinics - Latvia & Lithuania

At Zealous, we're very pleased to announce the beginning of a new collaboration with the Latvian and Lithuanian Sailing Federation to run Zealous Baltic Development Clinics in April and May this year.

This is the first time that Eastern European counteries will come together to sail and train. Zealous Head Coach, Sam McKenzie will lead the three day clinics.

Local and national coaches will also be apart of the trainings clinics, that aim to build the sport of competitive junior sailing in Eastern Europe. Rather than purely focusing on performance, Z Baltic Clinics aim to develop and educated young sailors and coaches, preparing them for the future.

"It's really important to develop new relationships in Europe. Having sailors and coaches from across Estonia, Latvia & Lithunania come together to be apart of our Zealous Coaching Clinics is something pretty special. These are passionate and motivated sailors and coaches that are thirsty to learn and improve." Said Sam McKenzie, Zealous Head Coach.

"A combination of these clinics, plus working with the NJK & Finland Laser Radial Youth Team keeps us busy here in Europe. Additionally there are some new exciting things in the mix that should be confirmed shortly to help Zealous grow and develop as a business."

Prior to Easter, Zealous will be running a two-day pre-nationals clinic is New Zealand, accompanied with coaching support for the NZIODA Nationals. The clinic will featre over 20 participants from across New Zealand, with the Nationals Team boasting sailors from across New Zealand & Australia.

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