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Planning + holiday month

With everyone taking time off, July is the perfect month to sit down with a good coffee, pen and paper and begin planning the second half of the year.

Not forgetting the first half of the season, we have had some fantastic highlights...

- Zealous High Performances Clinics in New Zealand and Finland

- Zealous Development Clinics in Latvia and Lithuania

- Working with Brändö Seglare and Riga Yacht Club through our Zealous Season Programme

- Coaching the NZIODA Worlds Team to their best result since 2012

We have had a lot of fun, meeting some wicked young sailors from around the world and helping them achieve their goals.

It has been very rewarding getting our Zealous Season Programme up off the group, with Brändö Seglare in Finland and Riga Yacht Club in Latvia taking part in our new programme, and really seeing the benefits. This is an area we're developing quickly, and we're excited to see what we can achieve over the next couple of months!

It was really special being appointed as the Head Coach for the NZIODA Worlds Team this year. It is always a lot of fun working with young New Zealand sailors taking on the world stage. We always learn plenty of lessons and come away motivated and ambitious to improve. It was fantastic working with close friend, Team Manager and Coach Briar Dye-Hutchinson throughout the entire campaign!

Whilst reflecting and planning is important, it's also important to have a bit of chill time with family and friends. This July we've spent time travelling around the Finnish Archipelago which boasts an enormous 70,000 islands. We managed to tick off 5 or 6 off our list. Below is a couple of photos taken from my favourite spots.

Stay tuned for up and coming training camps! We have some exciting projects coming together and we can't wait to share them with you.

Best, Sam

Bengtskär Lighthouse, celebrating 110 years

Finnish Archipelago harbour
Farmors Café,

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