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"Spotlight" - End of Finnish Season

With daylight saving putting the clocks back one hour, the Finnish sailing season has come to an end. A famous Brändö tradition the sailors went out for one last hit with their dry suits and head torches.

I'm always impressed with the young Finnish sailors enthusiasm- with temperatures sub-zero it takes one commited yachtie to get out there and race. It's been great to have 20 or so of them this season.

It's been a fantastic season in Helsinki. Compared with previous we have had little to no rain. Don't quote me on this, but in September we had one day of rain, and October perhaps three or four. The breeze has been steady all season long with a variety of directions making every training session interesting and slightly different.

To back up all the talk we've had some great results throughout the season. A highlight for me was the Finland Optimist Nationals where our team posted 1st overall backed up with 1st, 2nd and 3rd U13 years. This shows promise and is a testiment to our training philiopshy in 2016. There has never been a better time to be at Brändö Seglare, and whilst those words are my own, I'm confident that there would be a number of board and junior committee members to back it up.

Good winds,


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