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Moving to Barcelona?

In both February and March we held training clinics out of the Barcelona International Sailing Centre for both Optimist and 29er. After two awesome weeks out on the water, the BISC has certainly confirmed its position (in our minds anyway) as the leading training facility in Europe. A combination of accommodation, briefing rooms, a gym, a restaurant, boat storage or charter, friendly staff and obviously great sailing waters creates a complete package that enables us to deliver the very best coaching service we can.

10 Optimist sailors joined us from Finland and Latvia, to compete in the Palamos International Optimist Trophy. This proved to be a super challenging but fruitful event. With such huge fleet numbers fleet management undertook and entire new meaning – small mistakes resulted in grave consequences, however the lessons learnt were simply invaluable. We left Palamos with our heads held high motivated for a week of training ahead. 5 days of sailing at the BISC was just what we needed – mint conditions for the most part made for long days on the water.

In March we had the awesome opportunity to get out on the water with two of the leading 29er teams in Finland. Barcelona once again delivered favourable conditions maximising our time on the water. After the sailors familiarised themselves with the boat we spent time in “the foot strap” and tested some new technical approaches. We made sure to fit some gruelling gym sessions in between.

Zealous begins operating a new 29er Academy starting April 2 in Helsinki

Without trying to sound too much like travel blogger, it must be mentioned that Barcelona is truly a fantastic city. With endless hot spots and a vibrant culture its well worth putting aside ten days to enjoy everything this temperate metropolis has to offer. To be honest, if you can't find us in Auckland or Helsinki - you'll probably find us in Barca!

Good winds,

Zealous Coaching Team

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