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Ready to race in Braassem

After a competitive three day training clinic, we're super excited to begin the 32nd Magic Marine Easter Regatta. With a strong fleet of 225 entries from across 13 countries it promises to be a tough regatta as the competitors fight it out on the shifty Lake Braassemmermeer.

The past three days has been spent developing sailors racing strategy. Picking the first wind shift and developing a race plan in a complex environment. Having such a competitive training group, several of whom are apart of recent Winner Optimist Teams, has made a really positive learning environment for all involved.

Though our collaboration with fellow coaching company, DinghyCoach, our team has reached capacity with 16 sailors from Finland, Latvia, Great Britain and Ireland. It's awesome to team up with Pim, Bocha and the guys from DinghyCoach and we look forward to doing it more in the future.

Zealous coaches, Mikko Hentinen and Sam McKenzie have great experience on Lake Braassemmermeer, with their sailors taking out Gold and Silver medals in the Magic Marine Regatta 2015. Lets see what 2017 brings! Good luck Zealous Sailing Team!

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