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All on with one day to go!

All on with one day to go at the Braassemermeer Magic Marine Regatta 2017

Results, 11 races (3 races remaining)


11 LAT 120, Eduards Plavins

12 FIN 1131, Walter Wahlroos

23 FIN 953, Aku Koivistoninen

24 GBR 6329, Nicklas Host-Verbraak

47 LAT 121, Agate Einause

62 FIN 1041, Sebastian Feodoroff

74 LAT 71, Eduards Mucins


7 FIN 943, Anna Partti

20 FIN 1112, Anton Niemi


4 FIN 954, Aleksi Nurminen

16 LAT 115, Miks Eduards Valters

30 IRL 1482, Rocco Mr Wright

50 GBR 6378, Cameron Blamey

53 LAT 55, Rihards Plavins

"One of our main focus point this week has been starting. We have now seen many good starts from all our sailors throughout the 11 races, which has been very rewarding. Any sailor that can come out tomorrow with three good races should be very happy - it's been difficult to read the wind and distinguish a pattern, those sailors that can execute the start and continuously adapt their strategy throughout the race will really move up the leader board" - Zealous Coach Mikko Hentinen.

" It's been awesome to see the way our team has developed this past week. Tomorrow will be our seventh day out on the water in a row, in moderate and super tricky conditions. Each sailor has come into the competition with their own goals, and I certainly think each sailor has made a significant step forward in achieving those goals. For some it has been strategy. For others starting and downwind, either way, I'm really looking forward to seeing everything come together for the final day of racing" - Zealous Coach Sam McKenzie

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