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29er Performance Programme: Part 3 - A platform for success

August 2017 Brändö Seglare's Performance Programme was launched. After the success of the 29er Academy it quickly became apparent that sailors were motivated to take a step further.

The Performance Programme has been designed as a platform to help support youth athletes motivated to reach the top of the sport. To qualify for the programme sailors must exhibit a high level of skill, commitment and focus to training on and off the water in an World Sailing Youth Class.

The programme includes...

  • 20 squad based trainings per 3 months

  • 1 individual team training per month

  • Individual debrief and season planning support

  • Coaching support at an important overseas regatta (European or World Chmapionship)

On top of this specific support, Performance Pathway teams are included in all Academy trainings. Whilst they do not receive coaching support in such trainings, they are able to take part in all drills and exercises.

The Performance Pathway is largely about to become independent. The programme is ultimately driven by the athletes - scheduling individual training sessions, asking complex questions, testing new techniques and set up - preparing sailors for their own Olympic journeys ahead.

Ville Korhonen & Robin Berner are a testament to this philosophy, recently finishing 6th overall in the 29er European Championships in Quiberon. "It's about getting as many hours in the boat as possible and getting the focused support where you need it." stated Berner.

With the squad currently including three teams, Brändö Seglare estimates it to grow to include six in 2018.

What will be important is that the squad still holds it's individual focus. "As a team we will grow together, but it's critical that I can focus on individual needs - top level youth sailing cannot have a 'one-size-fits-all approach." stated Head Coach Sam McKenzie.

With two months of domestic training done and dusted the team will have a month of competition including KSSS Olympic Regatta, 29er Finnish Class Championships and Lake Garda Euro Cup where their skills will be put to the test. During February the team will participate in a seven-day training block in Cavalaire-sur-Mer, France, before returning in March to take part in the 29er Euro-Cup over Easter.

In 2018 Brändö Seglare plans to extend the programme to include the Laser Radial & Laser class.

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