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Lake Garda Optimist Clinic: Attention to detail

Take a moment to consider the focus; the determination; the environment.

Lake Garda delivered light to moderate winds on day two of the Zealous Sailing Optimist Clinic after a breezy first day.

The training is close and competitive as sailors come to grips with the conditions on Lake Garda. The focus for the first two days has been built around the fundamental principals of boat speed and technique. Tomorrow course-work accompanied with starting strategy and risk management begins as the sailors prepare to race against 1000 others in the Lake Garda Optimist Meeting next Thursday.

"I was proud of the sailors today," said head coach Sam McKenzie. "They gave it 100% out there and really took onboard what Tom and I were telling them. It's all about attention to detail; focusing on the small things to gain a slight advantage - if the sailors keep up this mentality for the next two days, they're going to be in a good place for the Lake Garda Meeting next week."

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